Safe Summer 2021


The Pinehurst Directors want to reassure you that we are constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation and are ready to adapt to new changes and dedicate ourselves to making Pinehurst a safe and healthy place for campers and staff.  We will strictly follow the CDC guidelines and work with healthcare professionals to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.  Pinehurst needs your help to make this happen: when we all follow these guidelines, your child will get the gift of a screen-free summer where they can learn how to play like a kid again.

COVID 19 Protocols
Self- Screening Checklist


We will be testing non-vaccinated campers regularly during their stay at Pinehurst. Campers will be tested upon arrival, and during the week.


When camper groups come in contact with one another, they will be masked and distanced. We will have sanitizing and hand washing stations throughout camp.


We have a full time health care professional on staff to help us monitor the symptoms of every person at camp. The staff for each cabin will check in with campers daily for how they are feeling, and take temperatures.


Being outdoors most of the time won't even be an adjustment- but we'll be thinking outside the box to make mealtimes safe and comfortable.