Safe Summer 2022


The Pinehurst Directors are proud to report that through vigilant adherence to local and national guidelines, we successfully ran our camp season in 2021 with no COVID-19 cases.  This was made possible by families monitoring for symptoms, campers masking indoors, and regular testing.  Summer 2022 will hopefully need less restrictions, but we are ready to do what we can to keep Pinehurst safe and healthy.

COVID 19 Protocols
Self- Screening Checklist


We tested all campers and counselors weekly  during their stay at Pinehurst with a PCR test. Campers were all given a rapid test upon arrival.


Campers masked and distanced when mixing cabin groups, and while indoors.  We successfully spaced our eating area so meals could be held inside the dining hall.


Our full-time EMT monitored every person in camp for symptoms, and regularly took and recorded body temperatures.


Pinehurst is so lucky to have our amazing campus with space for everyone to spread out and play.