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Arts and Crafts

Beading and Knitting

Girls with homemade necklace

These handcrafts are a hit with the girls at Pinehurst. Jean Curtis takes the girls under her wing and teaches them how to knit, while counselors teach them beading with materials like glass beads and polymer clay.

Yoga and Dance

Yoga on the dock

Our director Elizabeth runs awesome classes for the young yogis and dancers! A great way for a camper to get centered during a day of fun.


Kids fishing

During evening activity, campers enjoy fishing in Crescent Lake. They've been known to catch bass, sunfish, perch, and the occasional nearby tree. Worms provided!


Group with cabin shield

Every camper gets to make and paint a model rocket to launch their last day of camp! Campers who stay for the last two weeks help make their cabin's shield.

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